IMPACT partners with Freddie Mac on innovative solution to drive more capital for affordable housing.

Jeff Brenner By Jeff Brenner, CEO, IMPACT Community Capital

Today, there is an absolute shortage of 3.7 million units of housing for extremely low income (ELI) renters.1 According to HUD’s website, approximately 109,000 Low Income Housing Tax Credit units on average were placed in service annually between 1995 to 2016. At this rate, it will take 34 years to build the number of units needed for ELI renters. Clearly it will require capital in significant scale to address this problem with greater urgency. We are excited to announce that IMPACT has partnered with Freddie Mac on a new effort to spur further investment in affordable housing. Relying on an existing Freddie Mac security structure, the newly created Private Placement PC Swap...

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